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Tanto de mi
Lo nuestro es complicado,
pero es nuestro

Hoy es de esos dias que tu recuerdo me altera, desde que me desperte he estado pensando en ti y lo que vivimos juntos, no se por que, sensacion rara, puesto que no me pone triste, tal vez un poco nostalgica, pero alegre de tener esos recuerdos conmigo, no me arrepiento por lo poco o raro que fue, me da gusto por que los tengo contigo, se que con nadie mas tienes esos recuerdos y nadie mas te puede, ellas han entrado y salido de tu vida, tal vez si las has amado, pero creo saber que soy la unica constante en tu vida y que jamas querras echar de tu vida, no se si a ti te afecte, a mi si me afecta un poco pero amo mas ser tu amiga que dejarte por siempre. Mi unica pregunta es que que tuvieron ellas que yo no? por que con ellas si pudiste tener una relacion como tal y con migo no... no lo se me quedare con esas duda algún tiempo o tal vez para simpre. Y es que como no te puedo dedicar tiempo, te dedico canciones: Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Maps (uff la primera) OneRepublic -... (more)

thinning hair
When thinning hair You know it's a smart thought to utilize a conditioner at whatever point you wash your hair. Not just does it detangle, a great conditioner will likewise shield your hair from the warmth of blow dryers, level irons, and twisting wands. Conditioners work to sustain your hair, making it hold dampness and look great. It's actual that men are more inclined with thinning hair to lose their hair than ladies, generally because of male example of thinning hair. Best Shampoo For Thinning hair There are times, however when you may be over-doing the molding thing. For instance, if your hair is harmed on account of concoction medicines, or on the off chance that you have dry hair actually, you may enjoy a profound molding pack. These conditioners pen on your hair for 10-20 minutes and infiltrate the external layer. The issue is that they frequently abandon deposit. Add that to your regular cleanser and conditioner, the toxins in the climate, and the styling... (more)

taste good
Can you taste good the meals while somebody close to you can not eat because they don't have any money. I support him for 8 years. Dahell, I should support him, right? It's like a daughter still feed their children. Just forget he is as adult as me. Fuck what should I do. I really want him to go out and get job. Every time I gave him money he used it to chill out with his friends. Now he has no money, no gas. He can not move. The heck what should I do.

Paper Roses
Coming out of the woodwork…/philippines-reopens-subic-bay "The Philippines will station new fighter jets and two frigates as it reopens the former US naval base in Subic Bay to military use in a further response to Chinese expansionism in the disputed South China Sea... Defence undersecretary Pio Lorenzo Batino told Reuters the Philippine military signed an agreement in May with the zone's operator, the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority, to use parts of the installation under a renewable 15-year lease. It marks the first time the massive installation has functioned as a military base in 23 years." Jet fighters? Uhm. Where are they? Oh sorry you didn't say whose. My bad. With this so-called "declaration to reopen Subic for AFP "(no doubt US assets will make up the bulk of it. Really, who can believe the Philippine Military will fill it up?), the pests are coming out of the woodwork. Again. And boy, are they antsy. Especially US-based Filipino leftists. By... (more)

Argh Not The Pony
When life isn't a poo on the floor
I've had a really good couple of days :-) On Wednesday I went shopping with my grandparents and my grandad brought the salt shaker from home, which made me laugh so much and even my nan did which isn't common when he does things like that! It was really fun tbh and I think they appreciated it, and then I went to Kingston a little later I met Sebastian and he'd passed his retakes so he can go back to uni!!! I'm pretty pleased, I bought him a card and then we got crepes and chai lattes and sat outside in the square for a while and it was very cute and nice, and I bought a top in River Island and had a little look in the makeup section and it was lovely tbh At six I met Amy and Alice and we went to the Slug and Lettuce and had a cocktail and then I had Estrella and it was sooo nice! Alice bought us both necklaces and plaques about friendship in America which were proper twee lol but it's a very nice thing of her to do, and we chatted about America and university and loads of random... (more)

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